Blood, sweat and beers are just a part of it.  Then there’s the late nights, crossed threads and the parts that didn’t fit that we made fit afterwards.
Whether it’s from a fully established workshop, built in your parents garage or a bit of backyard warrior, if there’s a beautiful custom build out there, then it deserves to be seen – and be seen by thousands of people all over the world.  We love seeing them and we’re damn sure that our viewers do too!

If you’ve got a custom motorcycle build you’d like to see featured on ninetynineco, give us a shout in the form below and if we like what we see, then we’ll make it happen.  All we ask is that the photography has the same love and care that the bike does.

All images need to be professional grade, shot on a DSLR or processed film. Please submit one with your message below.

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