Ryan Quickfall is a designer & illustrator from Newcastle, UK. Over the passed few years, Quickfall’s art has become increasingly popular in the moto scene, with his strict colour palettes and high action artworks gracing the cover of Dice magazine along with features in Sideburn mag amongst many others.

We caught up with Ryan to chat about the things that inspire his work and his history with two-wheeled machines.

Ryan Quickfall Motorcycle Illustration


Hey Ryan, thanks for taking some time to chat with us. How is it all going?

Its going good, very busy at the moment but thats great! Working on some new prints and trying to work out the logistics of doing some solo shows.


We’re looking forward to seeing the outcome of that for sure. Why don’t you tell us a bit about how you got started… What make you first pick up a pencil?

I have no idea, I picked up a pencil from a very young age I do know that. I always have drawn. I think as a kid whenever I didn’t have anything else to do, or I was a bit bored I would draw. It wasn’t really about the finished piece, but about immersing myself into the little world I was drawing. Bikes, cars, mainly aircraft. I love aircraft.


To us your work seems to have a variety of influences, touching on the styles of everything from late 80’s / early 90s skateboard graphics to Roy Lichtenstein and right through into modern vector iconography.
How would you describe your style and where does your inspiration come from?

Yeah I agree with all of that. But to be honest theres so much cool stuff going on with artists and illustrators these days I don’t know where to look. It makes me feel very conscious of my own work. So I try not too be too influenced by others. More motivated by their success.

I think throughout most of my work, the heaviest influence is from old comic art. The black ink work I do as a base to colour up is a direct influence from old comics. Especially the old Commando comics. Its basically an exercise in making the biggest impact with the least ink marks on paper. Just really simplified but often still very detailed artwork. The best stuff and a huge influence when your a kid. In terms of colour work I also agree that 80/90s skate graphics is a big influence on me. Bright and bold. Also the content, you know like skulls and brains and demons. I love that, but portrayed in a humorous and sort of friendly way. I’m into that for sure.




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Motorcycle obviously play a huge roll in your art, tell us a little about your riding history?

Yeah bikes are a huge influence in my work. I remember just blasting around fields near my house during summer holidays. All chip in for a can of fuel and run them till they were dry.

I had a big break after that, until I went to college. Got a student loans and blew it on bike lessons. Bought and NC30 and rode it everyday pretty much. I lived in a flat with 3 other mates who all had bikes, wed start them all up in the yard in the morning, probably seriously pissing the neighbours off. All blast off to college together and in the summer we’d go straight from there and go on a big ride till it was dark. Good times as I remember.


What do you currently ride? 

Its a 560 Rotax, flat track bike built by my mate Mike from Survivor Customs, which I plan to ride this year in the DTRA here in the UK. I haven’t had much use out of it yet. The few times I have been out have made me realise what a few years away from riding does to you. Im shit!

Previous to that I had and R6 which I put nearly 20K miles onto. She got a hammering and saw me through a couple of spills.


What is Newcastle like from a workspace standpoint? Is it a place that fosters and supports creativity?

Yeah Newcastle is great. It has a superbly creative hub of artists. There are some incredible artists spawning and plying their trade up here Hush and Prefab77 to name a couple. I think people really just “get” art around here. Its great. Maybe not so much motorbike art, but hey I’m trying.


If you could choose any client, who would it be?

Well I have to say if you asked me this years back, I’d have said Sideburn magazine and I work with Ben and Gary regularly. Their still my favourite client and nearly all of my clients have come in some way through them. Ive managed to work with 100%, Harley Davidson, Roland Sands, Colin Edwards recently. All of which I’m extremely proud of working with. I think I’d like to do more work with Deus though. I managed to have a brief visit to their Venice set up. What a place! I need to get a trip back.


What’s on the horizon? Any big pieces coming up that we should be excited about?

Well I’m looking at pushing my artwork forward, more prints, more larger scale works. Some paintings too. I’d really really love to do a large scale mural artwork in some form of another. That would be a significant leap forward for me. anyone…..


Sounds good. Your work would really lend itself to a large format – hopefully that comes off for you.  Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!



Ryan’s 5 favourite pieces


As with all of our artist / photographer features, we asked Ryan to talk us through 5 of his favourite pieces of work and tell us a bit about their background…


ryan-quickfall-motorcycle-illustration-the-king-The King

I love the colours I used on this. Thats my favourite part. It was a last minute lightbulb moment. It had been a far more complex illustration originally, but I stripped it back to the 3 colours. I think its better for it. This piece also really spurred me on to develop my print range further.




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Grim Death Slide

This is a piece that I had in the Oil and Ink expo shows. again, I think it works because its very simple. Heavy black and white artwork at the core, with colour added later.



Dice cover

This is one of my favourite pieces I’ve done solely because its my first front cover. Dice asked me to do this and I snapped their hands off at the opportunity of a front cover. This was a bit of drawing, refining, adding bits, refining then inking to get it right.



Death Rides

There seems to be a dark theme going on here! a lot of death and skulls. Anyway… the guys at Monday Mo Co offered me the opportunity to create a piece of work to be sold in their store. I jump at the chance to draw a reaper whenever I can, so thats basically what I did. Laid back, throttle open, on a mission. ( I think he can control the bike by his mind, as you can see his hands off the throttle here )



Flat track #9

This is my latest print that I did. I really love this piece, again a bit of sketching and refining before I took to my go to method of brush and ink. Then I digitally colour the artwork and set up to print. I love the sense of speed and the slide in this, and from a print point of view it came out pretty nice and vibrant.



If you’d like to pick up some of Ryan’s beautiful prints, there are a few available for purchase in his webstore. You can also keep up to date with new pieces on his Instagram. Get to it!