With the vast array of motorcycle content that abounds the internet, it’s easy become saturated with the same old custom builds on white backgrounds, reams and reams of similar looking café racers day after day and ‘seen to be seen’ Instagram nonsense. It’s a breath of fresh air to discover someone who has the same motivation from motorcycles that we do here at Ninety Nine Co, the connection with like minded people, the simple love for the great outdoors and a hunger for a custom build with a unique story behind it. That’s exactly what we have seen from Andrew and the Hold Fast Motors Podcast over the past few years, and it’s our great pleasure to announce a new found partnership between us. We give you, the Ninety Nine Co, Hold Fast Podcast.

What does this mean for the podcast? A fresh new look, more regular episodes and more of the same people-driven stories that you hopefully know and love from both The Hold Fast Motors Podcast and the Nco website.

There’s a few exciting episodes on the horizon, but for those that haven’t heard the back catalogue, here’s a few of our favourites and the whole collection can be found on the Podcast page.

Ninety Nine Co, The Hold Fast Podcast



002 – Nathan Millward, The Long Ride Home | Author

In episode 002, we chat with Nathan Millward, the man who rode a Honda CT110 from Sydney to London, then New York to California to Seattle To Alaska. He wrote a great book called “The Long Ride Home” which tells the story of his first journey the trip from Sydney to London, its a fantastic book so far and I recommend it to everyone!


004 – Brett Houle, Iron & Air

In episode 4 of the Hold Fast Podcast, I get to chat with the awesome Brett Houle from Iron & Air. We started off talking about his roots in the motorcycle community, then moved on to the birth of the great Iron & Air brand. I had no idea something as cool as Iron & Air would have started out as just a instagram account then moved to being one of the premier destinations for moto-inspiration.


019 – Ben Giese, META Magazine

I met Ben while attending Motos In Moab last May, I had been eyeing up his XS650 when we finally struck up a conversation. We were chatting about that bike when he brought up the fact that he “worked” at Meta Magazine and handed me a couple copies of which I of course immediately consumed hanging around at the camp site. Meta is one of those magazines that you can sit and page through a million times and not get sick of it, the stories are great, the pictures are beautiful and its printed on nice heavy paper. Meta is a moto magazine that should be on every two wheel addict’s coffee table.