In an interview with GQ magazine last week, perhaps the biggest sports star on the plant, Cleveland Cavaliers small forward and two time NBA champion LeBron James revealed that he does indeed own a Harley-Davidson. Unfortunately we checked with The Internet, and it appears that there are no photographs of it so the model is currently undetermined.

In a short clip alongside Mark Anthony Green & Will Welch of GQ, LeBron discusses his ‘Grails’ or most prized pieces from his wardrobe. When the conversation moved away from the wardrobe, the basketball star added: “I almost feel left out of this. No one told me to ride my Harley Davidson here today…I would absolutely rock that. See I got a Can-Am Spyder too. I got a crazy helmet with like a skull and everything.”


Lebron James’s Can-Am Spyder

The expected uproar ensued as his team owners were unaware of the risky two-wheeled possession.
“They’re like, ‘What are you doing?'” James explained when asked what the Cavs think about his motorcycles. “I’m like, ‘What you think I’m doing?’ I’m getting a breath of fresh air, you know? I’ve got one life with this, man. So that’s what I’m doing.”

After the initial media outburst (understandable at the thought of a $24m per year sportsperson risking their abilities by riding a motorcycle) LeBron quickly back-pedalled, retracting his comments that eluded to actually riding the Harley stating: “First of all, I don’t ride motorcycles. Second of all, I was talking about my team, meaning my LRMR team and the group around me. “

A reporter told James his answer was confusing, given his “getting a breath of fresh air” remarks to GQ. He responded: “I don’t ride them, but I own them. There’s a lot of stuff that I own but I don’t use. I got a coffee maker, I don’t drink coffee. I won four of them, don’t drink coffee.”

Does LeBron James own a Harley-Davidson?

He seemed pretty certain that he actually rides the motorcycle, see for yourself around the 2 minute mark…