Harley-Davidson Performance Riding Jeans
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Harley-Davidson Performance Riding Jeans Review


Anyone who knows me, knows that I ride a lot. Just this weekend I’ve probably clocked up 500 kms, two weekends ago I road Sydney to Canberra and back for a shoot, in January I road Sydney to Melbourne return. I love long rides.
The frequency of my long rides has somewhat dictated my riding gear, and I’ve slowly but surely stepped away from my care-free t-shirt and skinny jeans, forgoing my (albeit only in my head) Easy Rider image for something a little more sensible.

Firstly I bought a full face lid (Bell Bullitt pictured above), something I thought I would never do – but having a visor is a game changer at 80km+ and really let’s Vince Gill’s twangy Stratocaster ring clear in my ear holes when listening to music on a long ride.
Next in line was a proper jacket. I like the vintage / worn look, and you wouldn’t catch me dead in one of those god-awful fabric pieces filled with American Football style shoulder plates. I spotted a brown HD number with an old-school graphic when I was picking up my Forty-Eight so added that to the tab immediately.

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Harley recently asked me to check out their new ‘Genuine FXRG Performance Riding Jean,’ and after freezing my ass off on the way back from Canberra recently, it seemed like a no brainer. I threw them on on Saturday and headed up the Old Pacific Highway for another photo shoot.

I’ve tried a few different brands of kevlar jeans over the years but they’ve either been ill fitting and baggy or so stiff and uncomfortable that I’d rather take my chances with the road rash.
The H-D ones are surprisingly awesome. Firstly, they actually look good. The cut it’s really comfy and they steer well clear of the baggy 90’s skateboarder look that we are all keen to forget we were ever a part of. Incase you’re wondering, I’m a 32″, 32″ for reference…

From the waist to around the top of your boot area, (shown with dotted line below) they are lined with what they call ‘ROOMOTO’, which can apparently save your bacon in a slide for up to 7.6 seconds. I don’t plan on testing them out for abrasion resistance, but I will definitely be keeping warm in them on all long rides this winter.

Thicker gloves will probably be the next dent in the wallet, I’ll add them to this post if and when.

I’d be keen to hear what others recommend on long rides and what they couldn’t road trip without – let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

  • Sophie Reeves

    They look great!

  • Jeremy Church

    For cold weather riding I had stopped wearing gloves, because they actually made my hands colder. This year I decided to look at gloves specifically for cold temperatures. They are really expensive. Then I found and bought a pair of Mechanix Wind Resistant gloves for about $25. They work great. I can ride in temps 10-15 degrees cooler than I could before.

    • Ryan Manwaring

      Hey Jeremy,
      I’d never heard of the Mechanix gloves, just checked them out and they seem like they’d be great for long rides – and a great price too! My current gloves cut off at the wrist and don’t go over the cuff of the jacket so they force all of the wind up your sleeve… not so pleasant.

      • Jeremy Church

        Ah, yeah the cuff area can be tricky. As far as wind resistant gloves, the two important things I kept seeing when I was researching were 1) 3M Thinsulate and 2) room for natural air insulation. Regardless of price, most of the gloves with high ratings were lined with Thinsulate. And, it’s the warm air our bodies produce that acts as insulation in our clothes. If something is too tight then there’s no air insulation and we’re in direct contact with the material which is exposed to the elements. Who knows if that’s right, but it sounded good and made sense to me. haha

        • Ryan Manwaring

          That makes perfect sense – it’s good to hear someone putting in so much research, makes me feel a lot more comfortable that those gloves will be the best choice. Thank you!