Ever since they came onto our radar, we have enjoyed watching the Brother Moto team grow their community and produce some great builds. It saddens us greatly to tell our readers of the news we received today that they are shutting their doors… At least for now. In an update on the Brother Moto website had this to say.

“All we ever wanted to do was build a welcoming environment for the people of our community to come work with their hands, share ideas, learn and equip themselves for the open road.” – Brother Moto

An admirable mindset for any business, in or out of the moto scene, but unfortunately the reason for closure is all too familiar. The city of Atlanta and more specifically East Atlanta Village has decided that the communal workshop are not a good fit in their neighbourhood, a subject that can be extremely costly to fight, and something that we saw first hand as the good guys of Rising Sun Workshop in Sydney fought building permits etc before finally setting up home in a suburb that they always belonged in.


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Whilst the guys at Brother Moto are trying hard to set up a new space, they are calling for the global moto community to get behind them and help out in any way they can. We at Ninety Nine Co can’t stress enough how important these kind of community drivers are to our wider family of moto lovers so get involved.

You can help by simply picking up some merch which in turn will help out financially, or if you have a passion for the idea and the cash to front, then you can also look to invest in the company.

We urge all of our followers to pick something up from their store, and get the guys and their 150+ members back on the wrenches as soon as possible.